BLM Activist Says White People Don’t Deserve to Live: “All Lives Don’t Matter” [Video]

Black Lives Matter group can claim they are only about saving lives and advocating the downfall of racism all they want, but the way they act before and after those claims speak volumes.

When BLM came out with their slogan, we started saying, “Yes. Black lives do matter…but so do other lives too.” Thus the “All Lives Matter” movement was born. This includes the babies murdered in abortion clinics before they even have a chance to take their first breath.

BLM didn’t like that, and gave a rebuttal that we were trying to discredit black lives. It was strange to me that they would say that when there are so many people on the ALM side who are in fact black.

Not to mention. BLM only seems to care about black lives if they are killed by a white man. They don’t care about black on black crime. Hell, they never said a word when the black, female officer was assassinated in her squad car as she did paperwork, last month.

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So, BLM can preach all they want about wanting to end racism, but in the clip below you will see first hand that they are not about that at all. Listen as he says that white lives have no purpose and that that white people should die.

To Black Lives Matter activists, all lives do not matter.

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