Blech. Lindsey Graham Announces Presidential Bid

In what may be the worst thing I have to write today (okay – not really), South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham announced his decision to run for President on Monday.

We’ve already hashed this out before when Graham told CNN that he would be running. The only reason that Graham feels he needs to run is because Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) seems like an actually viable candidate to win the GOP nomination. That terrifies Graham and his RINO war-hawk buddies, and for that reason alone he’ll work up the energy to campaign for a few months in an effort to throw a few pot-shots at Paul and weaken his campaign.

On Monday Graham finally had his “official” public rally to announce his campaign and he got a few of his friends out to cheer him on. (Honestly, South Carolina… how can you elect a Senator as wonderful as Tim Scott and a blowhard as ridiculous as Lindsey Graham?)


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Just a reminder for the anti-Rand Paul crowd – Lindsey Graham is not the RINO you should hitch your hopes to either. He’s hardly ever right about anything, and more often than not he is one of the most extreme anti-freedom Republicans in Congress.

Our friends at HotAir were kind enough to post a few links to remind us all just how terrible Graham really is…


In case you need a reminder, read Ben Domenech on why Lindsey Graham is a kook. Although, really, if you’ve read HA for any length of time, that reminder should be unnecessary.

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