Blame it On Whitey: NBC Ignores Story of Its OWN Camera Crew Attacked by Left-Wing Antifa

On the one-year anniversary of the riot at Charlottesville, Virginia, an NBC camera crew was attacked by a left-wing Antifa mob, yet because the network is only interested in “reporting” about “white nationalists,” NBC refused to report the attack on its own people.

Late on Saturday night, the NBC camera crew was surrounded by leftists in their masks and black clothing and the situation quickly turned dangerous for the news crew, Newsbusters reported.

NBC News reporter Cal Perry chronicled the rough treatment he and his crew received at the hands of the very left-wingers the crew was trying to film.

(Warning: Strong language was used by the liberals)

On Twitter, Perry was documenting the protesters as they marched through the streets of college town when they started to get “very aggressive with the media” and trying to block their camera shots. “Yeah. We’re getting a lot of this. Protesters trying to grab our camera,” he responded to one Twitter commenter telling him to “f**k off national media vulture.”

Things got super-heated when one Antifa protestor shouted “F**k you, snitch a** news b**ch. F**k you” and tried to either pull the camera away from the person using it or knock it to the ground. It was unclear in the video.

Despite the video evidence on the ground from their own reporter, NBC went to Garrett Haake, who was at the White House in anticipation of violence there as another white supremacist rally was set to be held. “Overnight, tense moments in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, far left protesters heckling the media and chanting anti-police slogans,” he suggested at the top of his report. They actually used footage Perry and his crew shot but didn’t show anything from their attack.

The NBC crew saw absolutely no threats or violence from the purported “white nationalist” groups in Charlottesville that night.

And yet… none of this was reported on NBC.

Instead, NBC was only interested in talking about the so-called “white nationalists” who they felt were the real danger.

Todd appeared on Sunday Today and had nothing to say about the attack or Antifa, which had been declared a domestic terrorism group by the State of New Jersey before he had them on last year. Instead of condemning Antifa, he lambasted the President for criticizing anthem protesters and targeted his supporters as racists.

“So I don’t think, if the President is, quote, ‘learned anything’ I think in his mind, he has seen this is an effective political strategy to keep his base, his base,” he declared about what the President had learned since last year’s violence. “That it is the president’s continuation of using to be generous, dog whistles, others say they’re not silent. You can hear the whistles pretty loudly.”

The real threat is now and always has been from the left. There are so few real “white nationalists” in this country that it is foolish to worry over much about them.

It is the left-wing Antifa that we really need to fear. Not that the media will ever tell us the truth.

NBC wasn’t alone. Here is another crew that Antifa attacked:

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