Blacks and Jews Sell themselves Short to Support Bad Liberal Policies



Blacks sold out to Democrats.  Jews sold out to liberals. Blacks want the dole, the excuses, the right to consistent failure, the sympathy for their violent acts and rapes, the fake caring and the trinkets instead of trunk loads of their own gifts.


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Blacks think so many of them are jailed because of the penal system. I’ve never seen a jail mug a guy. I was in jail.  And all you do is cry about what you don’t understand.


Blacks want scholarships without good grades. They want Obama with a hidden report card and a tiny job record just because he is black.  Prejudice thy name is blackness, inherited from whiteness. The Black Panthers are the KKK.


The blacks tell the Democrats, “Give me some of dat good old affirmative action.” So the Democrats lead the horses to water but don’t teach them to drink. They give them fish but don’t teach them how to use a fishing rod.


The Democrats teach blacks to hate the rich so that they don’t become the rich. The Democrats kept them as slaves before the Civil War until the northern Republicans freed them.


Blacks want apologies from victims for hurting them and want the women they raped to say they led them on like the Muslims say.


The Jews’ bones were bagged in Auschwitz; their spirit rose up against fascism until they sucked their tentacles onto the left wing of communism.


The Jews found Russia and forgot about their pogroms and celebrated the spirit of equal wages when in fact there were none.


The rich liberal Jews denounced free enterprise and wanted everyone to get a fair share but not of their share.


The limousine liberal Jews put the blacks in the trunk of their Cadillacs and told them that the roof is the sky and hatred of America will give them a smooth ride.


The Blacks don’t want to pay the toll. With the Jews driving them cross-country they can lie

back and enjoy the chauffeured ride.


The Jews feel sympathy for any cause:  the Syrian refugee suicide bombers, the gays, killers on death row, the homeless who shit on their streets, the man who kills a family because he is hearing voices as if you have to respond to every voice.


But Jews forget to feel sympathy for themselves. They forget to be strong and to put their enemies down. They forget to defend Jews and don’t understand that Zionism is preservation and survival of those who seek fitness not world dominance. And that we are not all Zionists.


The Jews burn themselves in emotional effigy as a prelude to the crematorium. They borrow other people’s guilt and curse themselves when the lights are down.


Jews and Blacks have sold out to the simple answers of liberalism rather than to hunker down with the traditional principles of conservatism. We should be our history not our invention.

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