Black Victimhood is Destroying Young African-Americans

The media and so-called black leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Attorney General Eric Holder are selective in the way they report on crimes.

When blacks murder other blacks as seems to happen almost daily in cities like Detroit, Chicago, and the nation’s capital, it’s just another set of statistics used to reinforce the myth that poverty (caused by white people) is the reason for the mayhem.

No one seems to ask why so many poor blacks shake off the angry black man narrative and make something of themselves even though so much of life is stacked against them.

They don’t get sucked into the role of black victimhood even though they know they are often targets of discrimination.

There is a self-destructive tendency among many blacks today. Black-on-black intimidation is a factor.

Not only do blacks have to struggle with a souring economy and latent prejudices, but they have to deal with harassment from other blacks for playing white.

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