Black Teen Attacks Elderly Man for Simply Being White

When a black teen beats down a 65-year-old man, it doesn’t make national news.

When a headline tells us that a black teen beats down a man for being white, I expect that I know the worst part of the story. But, in this case, the eighteen-year-old assailant targeted a 65-year-old. That seems much worse.

The New York Post reports, “Teen beat down stranger for being white: cops.”

A black teenager has been arrested for assaulting a stranger allegedly for being white, police said Friday.

Devon Ahmad, 18, of Amityville, LI, was riding an elevator with a 65-year-old man at 257 W. 39th St. in the Garment District around 5:15 p.m. Thursday when he allegedly first began a verbal attack.

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The story is short, so my quote from it is also short. I tried to find another news source on Ahmad’s assault, but Google News informed me that there is “no additional coverage” of Ahmad. No other journalists consider this story newsworthy.

How often does this happen? Can we trust the media to tell us?

But beyond provable thought crimes, what about a racial motivation in other crimes? Blacks constantly accuse the police of profiling them. What if black criminals prefer white targets?

The New York Post also recently reported, “Cops search for break-dancers who robbed woman on subway.”

They punched the man repeatedly in the face, ripped the watch off his wrist and grabbed his dropped cellphone off the floor before fleeing at the Rockefeller Center stop, officials said.

I don’t know if the victim was black or white because the writer doesn’t reveal that information (I don’t know what to make of the gender confusion between the headline and the story). We are given stories with details withheld that might or might not show a pattern.

Also, there’s a picture of the attackers that confirms what you suspected when you read “break-dancers,” but the writer goes so far as to give a description of what they were wearing without identifying their race. The criminals are still at large and yet she can’t bring herself to mention this information.

Read the full story about the hate crime.

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