Black Prof: ‘In Order to be Equal, Some White People May Have to Die’

Yesterday, I was interviewed for an exposé  on the profit-making, non-profit, anti-Christian advocacy group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC has been in the fund-raising business for decades. Its store of cash and its pursuit of “hate crimes” (not real crimes) are notorious. Even liberal advocacy groups have noted how the SPLC uses fear, white guilt, and black pain to raise millions of dollars.

When there were not enough KKK and skinhead organizations out there to raise money off of, the SPLC came up with the ingenious idea of manufacturing hate groups, haters who may be your neighbors. It was genius and a monetary bonanza!

What the SPLC refuses to do is find true hate that does not fit its leftist agenda. Where has the SPLC been when conservative speakers have been denied access to college campuses and threatened with violence where they have been invited to speak?

This type of real hate does not fit the SPLC narrative that “hate” is a condition of the right. If you disagree with the leftist agenda, you are by SPLC definition part of a hate organization or a hate group. Real hate mongers do not qualify because the SPLC can’t raise money from leftist donors by pointing out how hateful and intolerant leftists are.

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The latest hate-mongering that advocates violence against white people comes from, of all places, Texas A&M University where Tommy Curry is a professor. Curry teaches “Radical Black Philosophies” and “Social and Political Philosophy.” He advocates “Critical Race Theory” which is akin to cultural rac…

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