Black Pastor on Hillary’s Race Pandering: “She Might as Well Put on BLACKFACE!” [VIDEO]

In her speech in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton stated that her opponent is “taking hate groups mainstream.” She referred to Trump’s recent appointment of Stephen Bannon – former executive chairman of Breitbart – as evidence that the Republican nominee is aligning himself with and joining forces with the “emerging racist ideology known as the alt-right.”

She said that Trump has told “racist lie” after “racist lie” and has pushed conspiracy theories – including those associated with the birther movement, which she also labeled “racist.”

The Hillary Clinton campaign released an ad that will be running in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It uses Trump’s outreach to the Black community against him, insinuating that he’s merely pandering to them for votes:

Here’s another:

As if Hillary isn’t pandering to her audiences at all times.

In response to all these attacks labeling Trump a racist, bigoted panderer associated with the “alt-right” movement and KKK, one black pastor said that Hillary is the one who actually panders to blacks, treating them as if they’re inferior to her. Pastor Darrell Scott said that Hillary “might as well put on blackface” when giving a speech before a predominately black audience.

“When Donald Trump calls Hillary a bigot, bigotry does not always manifest as hatred,” Pastor Scott explained. “Bigotry can be manifested with kindness and niceness.”

He continued, “And for Hillary Clinton to imply or to insinuate consistently that she has to reach down to help African-Americans – she considers African-Americans to be inferior to her.” He reiterated, “She considers African-Americans as inferior to her and as needing her help.”


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