Black Lives Matter – the New Ku Klux Klan

Cities burned, businesses shut down, lives ruined. Peaceful protesting no longer exists in the regressive left. The alt-left has given in to violence and rather than being “bleeding heart” liberals that want to be do-gooders all the time they have shifted to a position of pure hate and violence.

“But the Boston Tea Party was destruction of property,” sympathizers to the rioters say, and then use a noble protest against tyranny to justify thugs destroying innocent people’s livelihoods, and the ruined lives include the police officer in most cases.

Black Lives Matter is what the rioters call themselves. They’re a “peaceful group” and don’t incite violence, according to them of course. Black Lives Matter is not an organization that supports peaceful reform. Rather they are a modern day KKK, just more primal and less sophisticated. BLM is supported by soon-to-be ex-President Barack Obama, and this is one of the largest stains on his legacy, especially after one witnesses BLM’s terrorist acts firsthand. 

When all hell was breaking loose in Ferguson, I was near the ground when the riots were taking place and the sound and smell was that of pure evil and surveyed the damage during the day.

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The sight was one that forever changed my perspective on the group. BLM has invaded college campuses as well, and (unsurprisingly) my university has embraced the group, and the current President, Fred Postello, even negotiated to a strain of the terror group that staged a sit in by the University Clocktower that led to the so called “Clocktower Accords” which led to the removal of several historical artifacts and other disgraceful terms which has assisted in the silencing of conservative voices due to the increased chance of being disciplined for being “racist.” Not real racism either, even saying that the rioters are wrong in acting when a shooting may have been justified could lead to facing the book. BLM is a cancer that is not acknowledged on college campuses to the extent it needs to be, even on conservative news outlets.

BLM is a group that literally scares people into compliance, and they replicate the KKK in how they want to assault and even kill white people to force people into eating up their racist ideas.

The hyperlinked YouTube videos contain content that may disturb some viewers but should rally all the viewers to realize just how evil this terrorist group is. They are not advocating peace or to help end black murder, they are using a cop’s right to use lethal force when justified as a platform to destroy lives.

The thugs must not be allowed to roam the streets and continue to destroy innocent lives. The cancer has gotten so malignant we need someone with the will to destroy it, and we elected him on November 8.

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