Black Lives Matter SHUTS DOWN Airport, Because Climate Change is RACIST

Black Lives Matter UK shut down the London City Airport by protesting climate change, which they claim is a “racist” issue.

This is how they make the “racist” connection. As you know, part of the global warming belief system is that carbon emissions cause temperature increases, and a significant source of carbon emissions is air travel. The UK is the “biggest per capita contributor to global temperature change.”

In addition, they say that 7 out of the 10 countries most adversely affected by climate change are in sub-Saharan Africa.

And the average person flying in and out of the London City Airport makes £92,000 (about $123,400). But 40% of residents near the airport make only £20,000 (about $26,800) or less.

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They go on. Power plants, airports, and other carbon-emitting giants are often located in cities with predominately poor, black populations, meaning they’re more likely to suffer from pollution – and therefore, climate change – than white people. As they conclude, “Climate crisis is a racist crisis.”

So, it made sense to them to protest the racist crisis of global warming at the London City Airport by preventing planes from taking off.

From Breitbart:

Black Lives Matter UK, with the “full support” of the U.S. movement, has shut down London City Airport because “environmental inequality is a racist crisis”, demanding more mass migration into Europe.


Police have confirmed that nine protesters on the runway locked themselves together, causing huge delays. Seven have been arrested on suspicion of “aggravated trespass”.

“We’re currently experiencing disruption to all flights due to protestors at the airport. Police are currently on the scene”, tweeted London City Airport (LCA).

It is thought the group either swam across the London docklands to reach the runway or used a small dingy.

Speaking on the telephone, BLM activist Alex told Sky News live that, “We are in total conversation with the people who created the movement in the U.S…they are in full support and when they wake up in a few hours they will release a statement saying that”.

She also said that “climate change is a race issue” and said pollution is racist because it gives black people “asthma and skin conditions”.

The movement in the UK is now focused on three areas, she explained: “Police brutality”, “border violence” and encouraging mass migration into Europe, and “institutional racism” – which includes “hate crime”, “discrimination” and now climate change.

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