Black Lives Matter Petitions Mayor to Fire LAPD Chief Over This

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A group of activists affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement went to Lost Angeles City Hall Monday to deliver a petition demanding the resignation of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) police chief.

The activists delivered the petition to the deputy mayor, who is in charge while Mayor Eric Garcetti attends the Olympics, reports the LA Times. The petition asks Garcetti to fire Charlie Beck, the LAPD police chief.

The petition claims that while under the leadership of Beck, the LAPD has killed 21 people in 2015 and approximately 10 in 2016. So far, the petition has gathered roughly 8,200 signatures.

When they dropped off the petition, the activists vowed they would be across the street until Beck is gone.

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“We’ll be there until Beck goes,” one activist claimed.

“We have a problem here, and Chief Beck is a part of that problem. We need to take action,” Matt McGorry, an activist and actor, told reporters.

Before Garcetti left, he offered to meet with a small group of the activists. He said that he did not want to be met with shouting. A Black Lives Matter member, Jasmine Abdullah, claimed that a small meeting puts the group at a disadvantage.

“They are doing what they do best, which is divide and conquer, and try to pick their leaders,” she said. “We decided he needs to come downstairs. It’s all right, he can come downstairs, these are his stairs, and ours, he can come talk to everybody as a whole.”

Abdullah also claimed that Garcetti’s not meeting with them could lead to “political consequences.”

“If you really care about this city like you say you do, and you want to win in this next election, you better come home,” Abdullah said.

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