Black Lives Matter? Only Hurting Themselves



Is that a Black Panther or a black man

Biting himself in the ass,

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Mugging cops so that his wife,

Mother and daughters have no protection?


He is too stupid to see that violence


And what hits out hits back.


In the last fifty years I have seen blacks

Blossom like a box of flowers.

And yet the Sharpton’s of the world

Want to turn the world into bloodshed

And drink its failures down like tomato juice.


Black Lives Matter chase self-destruction

Rather than peace.

Angry black men encourage violence

And make the world a more dangerous place.


Angry black men encourage their children’s deaths

And make the world a more dangerous place.

Malcolm X is more dangerous to the black man

Than the KKK.

He turned the melting pot into a cauldron

Of bigoted hatred and festering revolution.


But Malcom X is less dangerous than Obama

Who subtlety rides the camel of divisiveness

And makes us hate each other while he pretends

He is a high priest uniting races and states.

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