Black College Employee Attacks White Student for Acting Black!

Remember when colleges were supposed to be havens of diversity, both of thought and of culture?

Well, those days are over.

Not only are campuses now fascist dens of intellectual moribundity, but apparently everyone must now LOOK exactly the way liberal preconceived notions demand that they LOOK.

A video was just released this week showing the on campus liberal PC ‘police’ berating a student for ‘cultural appropriation.’ See, the black San Francisco State University employee, Bonita Tindle, was not happy when she noticed a white student wearing his hair in dreadlocks. Apparently, white people have no right to wear their hair in such a manner because it is a symbol of black culture. (Sadly, Ms. Tindle seems to be unaware that dreadlocks have a proud tradition and history in various cultures from around the world – from Greece, to Israel, to Egypt, and India… and yes, sub-Saharan Africa as well.)

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Tindle berates the white student, shaming him for daring to wear dreadlocks. When the student tries to walk away from her, she physically blocks his path and continues to mock his hairstyle. When he finally does get around her, she grabs him, pulling him off of the stairs and demanding he come back. It’s around this time that she seems to notice that she is being filmed and finally releases the frustrated student.

It really is a sad commentary on liberal America today that the PC culture has so run amok that people aren’t even able to wear their hair as they see fit anymore. The liberal race baiters argue that it is conservatives who are causing racial division, but it is they who are at the true cause of racial strife in America. “Cultural appropriation” being viewed as a negative behavior is simply ridiculous. Whenever one culture interacts with another some amount of appropriation is likely, and in a heterogeneous culture such as ours it is inevitable and desirable. I’d encourage Ms. Tindle to find something else, something legitimate, to become offended by. Oh, and leave the poor experimenting college kids alone.

According to Conservative Outfitters, the student has now filed a police report, and we wait to hear how the University and local authorities will respond.

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