Black Army Officer: ‘#TakeAKnee is Disrespectful, Not Justified’

I stumbled upon an opinion article on Fox News, written by Leadership Strategist and U.S. Army Officer Jeremy C. Hunt. He titled the piece, “Black Army officer: Anger with Trump’s NFL remarks doesn’t justify #takeaknee” and I could not agree more.

Just because you are upset with the president does not mean that you should disrespect the country that you are a citizen of. I did not like Barack Obama, but I never stopped loving my country. Through the ups and downs, good and bad, I am still an American in the end and my fellow Americans died for my freedom. That is a liberty that I will not ever take for granted.

Hunt went on to talk about how Trump’s words towards the NFL do not justify their kneeling during the anthem. He said, “[I]n the midst of the crossfire, there exists a middle ground. It’s possible to oppose both Trump’s rhetoric and demonstrations of disrespect to our national anthem, just as it’s possible to acknowledge a constitutional right to disrespect the anthem while criticizing the exercise of that right. They are two separate issues.”

I know many people who are in that middle ground. They may not have agreed with Trump’s comments, but they also don’t agree with disrespecting the flag.

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Hunt continued, “In many ways, the kneeling protest is emblematic of a dark shift in protest politics. Black Americans have a long history of speaking out against injustice, but our indignation with specific issues in America never shook our love of country.”

He said, “In his most famous speeches, Martin Luther King always had hope in the fundamental good of America — even during times when our nation fell short of guaranteeing equality for all. In fact, in 1964, 87 percent of blacks said America was worth fighting for.  Now things have changed.”

He spoke about how there were many influential black people in history who battled issues that they did not agree with, but also still loved and respected our beautiful land of liberty. People today could learn a few things from that.

Hunt concluded, “It’s for that reason that I proudly put on my uniform every morning in service to our great nation. It’s also why #takeaknee is not only disrespectful to the men and women who died for our freedom, but antithetical to black history. If the past is any indication, it will take a higher degree of patriotism and more celebration of American values to truly ensure equality for all Americans.”

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