BIZARRE and GROSS: John Podesta Involved With Creepy Occult, ‘Spirit Cooking’?

Spirit cooking sounds innocent enough. We all know from previously leaked emails that John Podesta likes to cook. Apparently, he has a good risotto recipe.

But spirit cooking refers to something very specific, bizarre and gross. Something involving…I hope you don’t have a sensitive gag reflex…menstrual blood, breast milk, sperm, and urine.

So, John Podesta was invited to one of these ‘spirit cooking’ dinners. In an email released by WikiLeaks, the woman hosting the event Marina Abramovic asked John’s brother Tony if John could make it as well. Tony forwarded the email to his brother John and asked, “Are you in NYC Thursday July 9 Marina wants you to come to dinner.”


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email-from-tonyNow, they don’t actually ingest these ingredients (well, maybe they do in some cases…see ‘cake of light’ below), so it’s not as gross as it could be. They take this bodily fluid cocktail and use it to make a painting. In fact, here’s the Marina referenced in the leaked email demonstrating the sacrament of spirit cooking:

Everipedia fills us in on the origins of ‘spirit cooking’:

The origins of Spirit Cooking can be found in Cake of Light, a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley. The ingredients of the Cake of Light include honey, oil, menstrual blood and sperm. The sacrament is meant to symbolize the union between the microcosm, Man, and the macrocosm, the Divine, which is a representation of one of the prime maxims in Hermeticism “As Above, So Below.” The consumption of the Cake of Light is a fulfillment of the sacred circle of the connection between Man and the Divine.

Here’s more of the gory details:

In Spirit Cooking, Marina uses pigs’ blood (which most resembles human blood) as a medium to connect the spirit world with the material world. The ritual takes place in the kitchen, which is considered the heart of the home. The goal of the ceremony is to convert matter into energy so spirits can feed on it. Marina “…derives her inspiration from the popular belief that the spirits still need food even though it is no longer solid, but in the form of light, sound, and emotions.”

I have no further comment.

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