Bipartisan FEC Interest in Ads on Phones because Russia

Instead of regulating websites like Drudge, there is a bipartisan FEC effort to regulate ads on small devices to prevent “hacking” an election.

The real scandal of this story is that there is bipartisan FEC interest in the project. In the past, it is usually the Democrats who want to use bureaucracies like the FEC and FCC to manipulate communication to make democracy work “the way it should.” But Republican opposition to Trump and complicity in the Russia smear job to delegitimize his presidency mean that some of them are not joining hands with Democrats.

The Washington Examiner reports, “FEC eyes regulating apps, iPhones, Kindle, wearable technology.

It is an effort championed by Democratic commissioner Ellen Weintraub and welcomed by Republican Matthew Petersen. At the FEC’s last meeting, Petersen said, “I think getting a sense where the current state of technology is would be helpful for allowing us to know whether or not technology has now advanced to a point where the small items exception is no longer necessary because it’s simple enough for the characters to be put on the advertisement, to put on the necessary disclaimer or whether or not there still are limitations or there are so many distinctions between different platforms and different phone providers, tablet providers, that it would be very difficult to have a one size fits all rule.”

Read the whole Washington Examiner story.

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