Biomedical Scientist says it’s Likely that Planned Parenthood Keeps some Babies Alive until they Can Cut Out their Hearts

In an interview with Breitbart News, Dr. Theresa Deisher made some startling claims when she revealed what would actually be involved in harvesting the organs of aborted babies. The revelations are terrifying and extremely disgusting. According to Dr. Deisher, for Planned Parenthood (PP) to properly harvest some of the organs (specifically the heart), they baby would have to be alive within 5 minutes of the heart being removed. It’s a disturbing turn of events and if true (which the medical information seems to support) would mean that PP is most certainly breaking yet another law… and worse it would mean that PP is letting living children die in order to harvest their organs and maximize their profits.

Let Dr. Deisher explain:

“If you read scientific publications, in which they use the fetal material for some indications, particularly, cardio-vascular, or nerve cell research, they discuss the necessity of having tissue in the digesting buffer solution within five minutes for optimal yields. So, within five minutes of death, you would have to have the heart removed, and flushed of all blood, cleaned of any extra tissue that might be there, and the heart put into a liquid with enzymes that would digest the connective tissue and release the muscle cells.

Sometimes, they use an apparatus where they hook the heart up and they would flush fluid through it to keep it alive and beating. And you can’t have a dead heart that’s going to work in that kind of process.”

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Deisher continued by saying that in order for the organs of aborted babies to be useful for research purposes, the baby would actually have to be alive.

sanctity-of-life-abortion“Biomedical companies prefer gestational ages of greater than 20 weeks for heart muscle. This is from reading their publications; so, I have always suspected that the babies in some of these cases were alive until their hearts were cut out.” Deisher continued, “Listening from the first video where they talk about getting an intact [corpus] callosum—that’s like a partial birth—the head would have to be through the canal in order to get that material.”

Deisher has pioneered work with adult stem cells after she decided that she couldn’t be both pro-life and for the use a fetal stem cells. She argues that the undercover videos from PP offer even more evidence of the barbarity and immorality of what is happening in abortion clinics across the country.

“I don’t think that any American can imagine fully what is happening in these clinics. And, visually, perhaps, they need to see it. I think it’s important that people see the reality of what’s done. It’s absolutely barbaric.

Regardless of whether someone is in favor of a woman’s right to abort her baby, or not—this is just something that a civilized society does not allow, condone, or support.

I mean, we don’t even allow prisoners condemned to death to be approached for donation because it’s unethical. So, as a society we know this is wrong—we have laws against it. And while people like to say the babies are going to die anyway—they’re going to be aborted—it’s sort of like an execution that’s planned, and we as a society recognize that it’s absolutely unethical to take advantage of the remains of that human being.”

Breitbart’s entire piece is well worth reading, but the information is as heartbreaking as it is infuriating. We must continue to spread the truth about what is happening in these abortion mills across the country – children are being murdered and we must respond to the grotesque justifications of the liberal supporters of Planned Parenthood. We cannot be silent.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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