Billboard Funded by Former Clinton Staffer: ‘NRA is a Terrorist Organization’

Wow, Florida is sure keeping it classy. A tall billboard stands in Pensacola with the words, “The NRA is a terrorist organization,” splattered across it.

But wait, it gets better….the billboard is funded by a political action committee called Mad Dog PAC, that is ran by none other than former Bill Clinton staffer Claude Taylor. The Clintons always seem to have their bloody hands in everything, don’t they? They are careful though and tend to stay at least one person removed.

The despicable committee also funds other billboards all over Unite States that also call for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

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Taylor believes the NRA is partly responsible for America’s mass-shooting epidemic. “The NRA is helping facilitate the introduction to the civilian marketplace of a broad range of military grade weaponry that is inappropriate, unsafe and unwise to have in civilian hands,” he told the Pensacola News Journal. “And legislatively, the NRA owns the GOP.”

Over the last eight weeks, Taylor says he’s received about $5,000 in donations for his billboard campaigns and currently has a contract for 28 throughout the country. Taylor plans to erect three more anti-NRA billboards in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Texas.

He said, With the GOP majority in the House and in the Senate, the NRA makes impossible any meaningful, common-sense gun reform. That includes background checks and assault weapon bans.”

Are you rolling your eyes yet? I am. He obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

Earlier in March, a Las Vegas billboard for a shooting range was vandalized to read “SHOOT A SCHOOL KID ONLY $29.” INDECLINE, an activist group known for erecting naked Donald Trump statues, claimed responsibility for the vandalism.

It’s difficult to have a conversation these days about gun reform over the sound of AR-15’s and the screams of victims,” they continued, “We’ve reached a point in American culture where mass shootings, some involving children, are tolerable.”

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