Bill Passes That May Ban Bulletproof Glass in Philadelphia Stores

The city council wants to ban bulletproof glass because they don’t want to admit that Korean merchants are serving a significantly criminal populace.

The bill doesn’t ban bulletproof glass yet. Asian opposition made the Philadelphia water the bill down. But it will probably ban bulletproof glass in a few years.

When I first wrote about this proposal, I thought it was merely the raving homicidal lunacy of one councilwoman. No. It was a lunacy shared by 13 other council members. Only three out of 17 voted against the bill.

The New American reports, “Philadelphia City Council Takes a Shot at Small Stores’ Bulletproof Glass.

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The bill passed Thursday creates new restaurant licenses for establishments with fewer than 30 seats, limits what such businesses can sell, and mandates that they maintain public restrooms that do not require patrons to pass through restricted areas.

Whether or not one agrees with these measures, they at least are germane to curbing beer delis’ alleged nuisance activities. One provision in the bill, however, is not. It requires Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections to issue new regulations on the “use or removal of physical barriers,” specifically bulletproof-glass panels used to separate patrons from cashiers and servers. The original bill actually banned the barriers outright, but after store owners raised a ruckus about it, it was watered down to a demand for regulations that do not even have to be promulgated until 2021.

Why the concern over bulletproof glass, which obviously exists to protect store employees from criminals? Apparently, patronizing an establishment that seeks to separate employees from customers makes some people feel bad.

“Right now, the Plexiglas has to come down,” Councilwoman Cindy Bass told television station WTXF.

“We want to make sure that there isn’t this sort of indignity, in my opinion, to serving food through a Plexiglas only in certain neighborhoods,” she explained.

Read the entire New American story.

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