Bill Maher: ‘Trump is One Costume Away from Full-On Dictator’

Bill Maher may be a comedian, but the only thing funny about him is his ignorance…and even that is off-putting.

The HBO host actually tweeted out on Saturday that President Trump is one step away from being a dictator. That’s interesting because Trump has done nothing but better our country, guided by the Constitution. How exactly is he borderline dictatorish? Because he does not want illegals to continue to flood into our country? In that case, I am also a dictator.

He tweeted, “Trump Is really a costume away from a full-on dictator. #MilitaryParade#TanksInTheStreets.

Trump requested that the Pentagon plan a military parade, and that’s what Maher is getting his knickers in a twist about? What’s wrong with a military parade?

“Donald Trump told the Pentagon that he wants a military parade,” Maher continued, “Oh it’s going to be spectacular. Tanks and missiles and fighter jets, all presided over by a loose canon.”

Then he added that this is “scary stuff.”

“You should not get used to the look of tanks in the streets. We don’t have that look in America and when I’ve seen that look anywhere else in the world, it’s never been good,” Maher cried.

The Hill reports:

During his show, Maher also talked with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) about the proposed military parade.

Schiff said he would rather spend money making sure the country is taking care of its veterans and that its troops are supplied the way they should be.

Since reports about the president’s proposed military parade, Pentagon officials have stressed that the parade is still in initial planning stages and have given few details as to the cost, make-up or location of such an event, other than noting that the Army will take the lead on planning.

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