Bill Maher Speaks Truth: If Americans Have to Pick between Democrats who Won’t Say “Islamic Terrorism” and Trump… Trump Wins.

Bill Maher is not a fan of conservatives or the Republican Party, but every now and again he says something that hits the mark.

This happened recently while he was speaking with liberal Muslim activist Raheel Raza on his HBO show Real Time. During their conversation the topic of Donald Trump came up and Maher let loose with an honest assessment of the Democrat Party’s chances in the upcoming election.

“Donald Trump, I think is a very dangerous man with some very dangerous ideas, including his ides about Muslims. I don’t think we should bar all Muslims from entering this country. We need Muslims in the fight against terrorism.

But I will say this, and I’ve said it before on this show, if Americans have to choose between a party that won’t even say the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ and Donald Trump, especially if there is another attack, they’ll choose Donald Trump. And then things are going to get even worse for Muslims. And so it is in their own best interest to come out on the side of principals that are liberal democratic Western principals.”

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While I think Maher’s dismissive and condescending tone on Trump is misguided and typically arrogant, I also think he properly grasps the depth of concern that most Americans have about the possibility of dealing with Islamic terrorism in the near future. As “scary” as some might think Donald Trump is, nothing is scarier that the idea that radical Islam might continue to grow and thrive in the world around us.

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