Bill Maher is Right About the Police

We’ve recently found agreement with Bill Maher on a couple of issues: Political Correctness run amok, Israel being the good guy – and now we’ve found another, the militarization of our police forces.

Maher recently spoke out against the fact that many of our local small town police forces were turning into smaller versions of the military. With violent crime down 40% over the last 20 years and crime overall falling dramatically, it seems odd that our police forces feel the need to grow more “militaristic” in their approach.

Listen to what Maher has to say — this is a real problem.

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I’m with Maher in general up until the end of his spiel where he decries conservative silence on the issue (in particular Tea Party silence). As a member of that group I can say without reservation that we have been trying to call attention to this dangerous trend for a while now.

Here at Eagle Rising we have run many pieces over the last year dealing with police brutality, excessive force and the militarization of our local police. One simply has to pay attention.

So Mr. Maher, I suggest you read Eagle Rising more often; you may find yourself better informed.

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