Bill Maher Lets Liberals Have it Over Their Fake Outrage About Bill O’Reilly’s ‘James Brown Wig’ Joke

Everyone knows where Bill Maher stands on all things political (and religious). He obviously sides with liberals. But what he never sides with liberals on is how quickly they make things about sexism and racism. He actually – whether he’d admit to this or not – has quite a bit in common with Donald Trump. They’re similar in that they both have an extreme aversion to political correctness – almost to a fault.

As much as he would have loved it if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, he said that she should just “stay in the woods.”

“Hillary, stay in the woods,” Maher said. “Okay, you had your shot. You f***ed it up. You’re Bill Buckner. We had the World Series and you let the grounder go through your legs, let someone else have the chance.”

“The fact that she’s coming back it just verifies every bad thing anyone’s ever thought about the Clintons, that it’s all about them,” he said. “Let some of the other shorter trees get a little sunlight.”

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But at least Hillary Clinton is ‘coming out of the woods’ and speaking out against racism and sexism, right?

The latest outrage on the left was Bill O’Reilly’s joke about Maxine Waters’ hair. He called it a ‘James Brown wig.’ Liberals of course did what they do best and accused O’Reilly of being a racist and sexist. Because everything non-liberals say and do is about racism, sexism, and every other -ism you can think of.

Bill Maher doesn’t like Bill O’Reilly. But he thinks it’s ridiculous to get onto him over something stupid like that. “[Hillary] spoke out about a joke,” Maher said. “You know what, this is why the Democrats lost the election in the first place. Because they cannot get their priorities straight, and they never fail to take the bait about little bulls**t issues.”

And why exactly was O’Reilly’s comment racist?

“Why is that racist? Why is it racist?” Maher exclaimed. “Because he compared two black people?”

Another example of racism and sexism that was brought up was Sean Spicer’s exchange with April Ryan during a press briefing. She started shaking her head, and Spicer told her stop. Yes, that was ‘racist’ and ‘sexist.’ But Maher didn’t buy it.

“You’re referring to the fact that [Spicer] said to a woman in… the briefing, April Ryan, who is an African-American, and they were going back and forth and she was shaking her head and he said, ‘please stop shaking your head.’ And you go immediately to it’s a racist thing about, ‘oh no he dinn’t!'”


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