Bill Clinton Finally Losing Favor Among Democrats over #MeToo Accusations

This month the Democrat Party of New Hampshire dumped Bill Clinton’s name from its annual fall dinner. It is only the latest move against Clinton by Democrats showing that the left is finally beginning to tire of his good ol’ boy act.

Breitbart News noted that the New Hampshire Democrat Party dumped Clinton from its fall dinner:

The New Hampshire Democrat Party will no longer call its fall gala the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner” because of pressure from the #MeToo movement concerned over Bill Clinton’s abusive past.

Clinton is not the party’s only concern. The state party has dumped both Presidents Bill Clinton and John Fitzgerald Kennedy from the annual event because of the mounting accusations over their sexually abusive pasts, according to the New York Post.

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The fall gala had been called the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner” since 2016, but this year the event will be called the Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner.

Naturally, the NH Democrat Party Chairman tried to pretend that Clinton and Kennedy were not removed because of the #MeToo complaints. But everyone knows what the reason really is.

Monica Showalter also noted that Clinton is finding his name falling into disfavor in other places, too. In fact, Showalter says Clinton’s name “is starting to stink.”

Democrats are moving away from Bill Clinton like a bad smell. In New Hampshire, which up until now has been one of Clinton’s strongest states, a name inextricably linked to some of Clinton’s strongest political successes, as the Boston Globe notes, grassroots Democrats have yanked Clinton’s name from the masthead of a big Democratic Party fundraiser, changing the whole thing to the hoary name of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Maybe that’s a cumulative thing, given that from the Democrats’ point of view, as I noted here, the Clintons have selfishly drained Democratic funds away from the central mission of electing candidates toward themselves, rigged the Democratic primaries in Hillary Clinton’s favor, and made themselves a public relations liability for Democrats through Hillary’s continuous expressed disdain for the electorate. They aren’t exactly a good thing for Democrats as they seek to rebuild from the rubble of Obamadom.

And maybe even more important for Democrats, the #MeToo movement has brought new attention to Clinton’s Dionysian side, not just in the form of Monica Lewinsky, or the innocent women such as Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, whom he harassed and raped, with Hillary at his side as his enabler. There’s the Bill of today who seems to be continuing the same old party in his pants, what with his “Lolita Express” trips to the Dominican Republic with a guy convicted of pedophilia and his Arkansas cathouse lifestyle away from Hillary. Ew.

These are salient points.

But, it would be amazing if liberals have FINALLY gotten tired of Bill Clinton’s corruption, lies, and misdirection, wouldn’t it? Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks?

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