Biden Threatens to Run – Democrat Leaders Give Collective Groan

The scuttlebutt in Washington is that Joe Biden is gearing up to jump in the Democrat race for the White House and the average Democrat voter seems fine with that… but the folks back in D.C. aren’t so sure.

On Monday Democrat bigwig David Axelrod practically begged Joe to stay home.

He was a United States Senator for 36 years. Very distinguished career there. He was one of the — he’s been one of the most constructive vice presidents in history, very close relationship with the president. The middle class issue that is now the meme of this campaign has been the theme of his whole political career. And so he’s probably looking at this and saying, why not me? But then there is the other side of the equation, which is what it takes to put a presidential campaign together against a very formidable opponent. And I think that is a real big reality check here. So I’m a little skeptical about — the bombshell of the weekend….

I would not, because I know what it takes to put a presidential campaign together and it is late in the game. Secretary Clinton, for all her problems, some of them self-inflicted, still has a very high rating among Democrats, and that of course is what determines who the nominee will be, and a big head start…

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I really have such a huge regard for Joe Biden. I think he’s been a great vice president, a great public official. I’d hate to see him risk it all on a campaign that likely wouldn’t succeed.

The emotion is powerful but it’s not enough to make a decision to run for president.

Later in the day Fox News’ Bill Hemmer asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest of President Obama would support his Vice President if Biden did choose to run.

Earnest was clear as mud – Obama would do no such thing…

“Joe Biden is going to have the opportunity to make up his own mind… The president ultimately wants Democratic voters to decide who they believe the nominee should be… The president certainly believes that a spirited contest would be in the best interests of our party, and in the best interest of our country.”

Yikes. If these are Biden’s friends, i’d hate to hear what his enemies have to say about him making a run.

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