Biden Compares Trump to This Murderous Soviet Dictator [VIDEO]

Vice President Joe Biden has never been confused with one of our leading intellectual lights. He’s often the butt of jokes about creepy old men and inappropriate uncles, and his past is riddled with stories about plagiarized speeches and regurgitated ideas. So, we’ll have to forgive him if he can’t get a solid grasp of world history, which seemed to be the case on Monday when Biden attacked Donald Trump during a speech he was giving in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Biden was out stumping with Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton when he argued that Mr. Trump had embraced the “tactics of” our “terrorist enemies.

He even showered praise on Saddam Hussein, one of the vilest dictators in the last century, a man who repeatedly backed terror attacks against Israel because he was supposedly, the reason he admires him, he was a killer of terrorists, that’s why he likes Saddam. He would have loved Stalin. He would have loved Stalin.

This says a lot about his approach. It explains why so often he embraces tactics of terrorist enemies themselves. Religious intolerance. Casting entire communities as culpable for the acts of a few in the community. Torture when he knows it’s illegal and says he would still order it even though military commanders said they would not obey his orders.

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When can you think ever in history when military commanders have said before a man or woman is elected that they would not follow his orders?

Threatening to kill innocent family members of suspects. Indiscriminate bombing, but he calls for it. That’s how anyone hoping to lead this great democracy in the world should behave?

Look, he likes autocrats, he wields the politics of fear and intolerance calling for a ban on Muslims in the United States, slandering proud Muslim parents of a Gold Star family who paid the ultimate sacrifice, threatening to send American citizens to Guantanamo. I tell you, this guy’s okay.

Look, Trump’s ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they’re dangerous and un-American. They reveal a profound ignorance of our constitution. It’s a recipe for playing into the hands of terrorists and their propaganda.

Here’s the problem, Joe. While some of what Mr. Trump has said has been out of bounds or wrong, the same can be said for you, President Obama, and the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. Today’s Democrat administration has made it their policy to embrace the evil terrorists so long as they happen to be engaged in battle with leaders we do not like (like in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq). Today, the Democrat Party’s ideas are not only also profoundly wrong, they’re dangerous and un-American (like stomping on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments, or arming/funding our enemies while also stifling the American economy). And as far as Trump liking Stalin, it’s a safe bet to assume that Mr. Stalin would be a far bigger fan of Hillary Clinton and today’s Democrats than he would be of Donald Trump and the GOP. How do I know this? Because today’s Democrat Party is currently pursuing ideas that Stalin and his comrades made hip way back in the early to mid-20thcentury.

It’s the Democrat Party slouching towards Stalin today, Joe… not Donald Trump.

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