Beyonce’s Degrading Super Bowl Halftime Display



I was born many years before Beyonce. I spent years rooting for blacks and watched them rise into good paying, sophisticated jobs.  I have seen them become gentlemen, ladies and in fact quite good friends of mine.


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I have hung out with plenty of blacks. I have done commerce with them when I was in the insurance world and when I owned a rap music company. I have taken literature courses with them.


I have rapped with them and boxed with them.  I have been in jail with them.  And to hear spoiled millionaire Beyonce reduce blacks to violent revolutionaries who she is encouraging to lose their respect for civilization and attack it is a shame.


The blacks I have known have worked so hard to attain middle class life styles and class that Beyonce should be ashamed of herself for knocking them down a peg.


Beyonce is rich but she wants to throw her people into a ditch.  She doesn’t respect blacks for their recent achievements but wants to turn them into thugs, hurting themselves and others.


She wants to blame whites for the black’s plight when her anti-societal attitude and her song “Formation” could be more responsible for blacks’ downfall.


Artistic, girly dancers jumping up and down on a football field where men risk their health rather than do choreographed dances reminds us of how superior football is to show business.


Beyonce Black PantherBeyonce’s song “Formation” exacerbates black anger and emphasizes black pride not for excellence but for bias. She is hurting her people by fomenting anger rather than cooperation and progress.


Her anthem, “Formation,” is racist. But it is doubtful that she’s experienced racism considering that she is a millionaire who doesn’t have a clue as to life in the ghetto.


Beyonce is married to an ugly ex drug dealer, Jay-Z, and is a fat-thighed example of stupid conceit whose pretty face fails to hide her ugly soul. Her song feigns a love of her people but actually misleads them to jail and death.


Beyonce accuses cops of killing blacks but forgets that blacks kill more blacks than cops. She puts the blame in the wrong place and inhibits black’s chances of straightening out their situation. Her prejudice causes violence against the innocents and spews revolutionary crap near dogs on curbs.


The performers formed an X for Malcolm X who was an anti-white revolutionary and part of the Nation of Islam.  The simpleton artists forget that Malcom X was murdered by black Muslims. Very possibly, the hate-foaming Louis Farrakhan.


The brainless dancers made fun of the Super bowl by raising their arms echoing the power salute at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic.


In Beyonce’s performance there was no celebration of the Super bowl, just a high-five for racism.  If I were a football player, black or white, I would have been tempted to drop out of the game.  I would have been there for the love of sport, not the hatred of the white race.


Giuliani said, “This is football, not Hollywood, and I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive.”


It’s like trashy Beyonce is having a musical affair with Black Panthers & Black Lives Matter. Not very good for a mother. I would hate to be her child, watching her dance in short shorts. She has no self-respect.


Not that Beyonce probably really cares about racism. She was just trying to pick up the cheap applause of the stupid audience.


Her life style is millionaire-white but she uses black militants to capture a simple-minded audience.


She probably doesn’t realize that she is bad person who might be fomenting a racial war, but then again Obama doesn’t realize that he has turned America into divisive stadium of hatred.

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