Best Predictor of How You’ll Vote? Church Attendance!

For those of us who are “every time the doors are open” attenders of a local place of worship, this latest report from NBC News probably isn’t that surprising. For others though, the analysis of this latest study may raise some interesting questions about faith and politics in the 21st century.

In a recent study undertaken by NBC Politics, the research showed that the frequency of church attendance was a good predictor of your political leanings. The best example of this is the average Catholic voter. In 2012 Obama barely won the Catholic vote, but among frequent church attenders, Romney actually handily wins their vote! So seemingly “good” Catholics voted Republican, while “less active” Catholics voted Democrat. A similar response can be seen among Protestants (though Romney won both frequent church attenders and the “not-so-much” crowd).


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Here are the graphs showing the splits:






Interesting stuff from NBC

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