Is this the Best and Most Heart Warming Rendition of our National Anthem Ever?

Using a Ruger 10/22 and a row of steel targets, a patriotic (and musical) shooter plays a beautiful rendition of our beloved national anthem… the Star Spangled Banner. With style and grace (and accuracy) he plinks out the notes on their specially developed steel targets.

I know, I know… it’s beautiful.

You’re welcome.

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Here’s the YouTube Description…

Welcome to Musical Targets! Your source for armory harmony. Please visit us at, or like us on Facebook.

And from their site

We love to shoot.

But shooting at paper targets, standard gongs, and various other plinking sets got…well, repetitive. We felt there must be something to provide a more dynamic and challenging means of entertainment to the sport. That’s when engineer and company founder, Chas, came up with the brilliant idea to produce melodic feedback from the targets. After several test targets, countless hours of grinding and measuring steel, and a frustrating amount of attempts to reliably hang the targets, Musical Targets was born.

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