Bernie’s Former Spokeswoman: ‘We Don’t Need White People Leading the Democratic Party’ [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders’s former spokesman Symone Sanders (no relation to Bernie) said that the Democratic Party is diverse, and that its leadership should reflect that diversity. And in order to reflect racial diversity, the Democratic Party should not put white people in charge. Anybody but white people.

Howard Dean’s name has been floating around as potential head of the DNC – whose current interim chairman is Donna Brazile – but Symone Sanders says that he’s maligned millennials and Bernie’s supporters. In addition, he’s white. From Real Clear Politics:

“Howard Dean is also on record maligning young people and millennials. Telling those Bernie folks they just need to get in line and maligning Bernie Sanders. And that is not what we need,” Sanders said about the former party chairman.

“In my opinion we don’t need white people leading the Democratic party right now,” Sanders said. “The Democratic party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in leadership and throughout the staff, at the highest levels. From the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC.”

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“I think we need a robust discussion about this and I think we need to hear more from all the candidates,” Sanders told CNN’s Brianna Keilar. “Jaime Harrison of South Carolina, he’s great, too. He’s done real party building, but everybody doesn’t necessarily know Jaime and they want to know what he stands for. So I want to hear more from everybody.”

“I want to hear from the millennials and the brown folks,” she finished.

This is the same person who, when asked about the older white Chicago man who was beaten for supporting Trump, replied mockingly, “Oh, my goodness! Poor white people!

Certainly part of why the Democratic Party lost so colossally is because of identity politics – dividing people into groups, pitting them against each other, and pandering to the minorities. Why not just treat people as people, since we’re all created equal?

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