Bernie Sanders Promises Easy, Overpaid Jobs for All

While Bernie Sanders promises a job for everyone who wants one, he has no idea how he is going to do that. The plan is sketchy and leaves lots of questions.

In an obvious ploy to give voters a reason to vote Democrat, Bernie Sanders is promising everyone federal jobs.

While Bernie Sanders promises a job for everyone who wants one, he has no idea how he is going to do that. The plan is sketchy and leaves lots of questions. But anyone who points out that Sanders has no idea how to make his jobs program work will be shouted down as someone who wants to keep people from the lovely jobs that the government can provide.

The Washington Post reports, “Bernie Sanders to announce plan to guarantee every American a job.

The new government spending could also lead to inflation, decreasing the real value of workers’ wages.

Obama’s economic initiatives, generally, focused on using the government to influence private markets and industries in pursuit of policy goals.


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But in a new political climate, ideas such as a jobs guarantee plan is gaining traction among prominent Democrats.


Under the early draft of Sanders’s job guarantee, local, state and American Indian tribe governments in every section of the country would send proposals for public works projects for their areas to 12 regional offices that encompass the country. These 12 regional offices would act as a clearinghouse for these projects, tasked with sending recommended projects to a new national office within the Labor Department office for final approval.

Once approved, the projects would hire workers at a minimum salary of $15 an hour with paid family and medical leave, and offer the same retirement, health, and sick and annual leave benefits as other federal employees.

About 2,500 job training center and employment offices already exist around the cuntry, and the plan imagines tasking them with connecting workers to these local projects. When the programs are up and running, anyone can wander into a job center and — at least, in theory — find either job training or a job on one of these projects.

The plan’s authors envision millions of Americans being hired under the proposal, with the number going up during economic recessions in the private sector and down during economic booms. They also say it would significantly increase the government’s involvement in the American economy to a level not seen since World War II, if ever in the country’s history.

Beyond how to pay for the plan, many other aspects of the jobs guarantee have not been specified.

It’s not clear what would happen to a worker who violated the terms of employment. The plan suggests creating a Division of Progress Investigation to “take disciplinary action if needed,” leaving authority to the head of the Labor Department. Aides to Sanders stress that the policy details remain in their initial stages.

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