Bernie Sanders is a New Age, Hippie Liberal Version of Santa Claus… or Something

The very funny (and very smart) Steven Crowder has a great new video up today about the Democrat Party’s newest version of Santa Claus. They call him… Bernie Sanders. Now, this may seem odd to you considering Bernie is not a Christian, and is not often confused with the jolly fat man from the far northern parts of our planet, but if you watched Tuesday night’s debate you know that he must most certainly believe himself to be St. Nick.

During Tuesday night’s debate Sanders spent most of his speaking time promising to give every American who votes for him lots of new free stuff! But let’s let Santa Bernie explain it to you himself…

Now some of you think that the spending vs revenue math is more complex than people lead on, maybe so. But allow me to start off with an absolute: If you cut the United States military ENTIRELY and taxes all earnings over 1Million dollars at 100%… You still couldn’t pay for this…

So disregarding the fact that no wealthy people would work for free, the horrible negative economic ramifications of punishing small business owners and that frankly a 100% tax is absurd, you’ve got to find another way to generate revenue. So what do you do? Would probably have to start by widening the swath from the top 1% to increasing taxes on the top 5%. Those bastards can afford it! What defines top 5%? Any households earning $190,000 or more. Damn. I thought they’d have more. Well what if we just take almost everything from the top 10% of earners?

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Top 10% in the United States is any household earnings over $150,000. Not exactly the fat cats you thought, huh? Still, for the greater good, they can afford to have more, or all of their stuff taken, right?

Steven Crowder also tackled the question of just HOW MUCH Bernie Sanders’ plans for our country and our economy would end up costing us some… get ready for this… $18 TRILLION!!!

Yep, the Wall Street Journal ran the numbers. At the end of fiscal year 2015, the US is expected to have a total debt of about $18.6 trillion. (Here’s a really scary debt clock for you brave, non-socialists out there.) Bernie Sanders’ grand plan proposes spending as much MORE money as we already have in debt, because hey… Why not?! Here’s an idea, Bernie, if you’ve got a way to come up with $18 trillion – maybe we should start with paying off that credit card to the bank of China before we go spending the rest of our children’s futures away?

Best part of all though, is where Sanders intends to get this $18 trillion from… and what he plans to spend it on. You ready?


H/T to Steven Crowder for doing the hard work of figuring this stuff out and trying to get it out there for the average American voter. We need to keep working to explain liberal economic (and tax) policy to our liberal friends and neighbors.

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