Benghazi Bombshell: Two Soldiers say They Were Armed and Ready for Rescue!

Two service members one based in Aviano Air Base in northeastern Italy, the other in the US, have spoken to Fox News  claiming that on September 11, 2012 they were armed and ready to go to Benghazi and at the very least could have protected Americans from the second wave of attacks.

According to a member of the Aviano Air Base squadron they were alerted to get ready, were briefed, planed and were armed and all ready to go to Benghazi and help the Americans under attack but the order to launch never came.

“There were people everywhere. That flight line was full of people, and we were all ready to go” to Benghazi, he said. Only they were waiting for the order. It never came.

This account is from a squadron member at Aviano the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack in Benghazi. The source, the first in his squadron to speak out publicly since that attack, is going public to explain – in his view – that more could have been done to save Americans under attack that night.

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He asked that his identity be protected for fear of retribution. He says others in his squadron also have wanted to talk about Benghazi from the beginning, but no others have been interviewed and all are afraid of the potential backlash from speaking out.

“The whole night we were told that we are waiting on a call,” he told Fox News.

“I’m not trying to give away any type of [information] that could ever harm the military,” the source told Fox News. “That is never my plan. I feel that some things need to come to light.”

The question of why the military didn’t send help to our heroes under attack in Benghazi has been one of the key areas of contention in the investigation of the terrorist attack…


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