Ben Shapiro Is Causing Liberals Psychological Problems

UC Berkeley is beefing up security and addressing students’ psychological problems because of his visit.

Why should Ben Shapiro speaking at the University of California in Berkeley cause students psychological problems? Shapiro is a regular conservative of the National Review type. He used to work for Breitbart but broke with them over their support of Donald Trump.

Yet, merely because he will say things that contradict liberalism, that University is preparing for Leftwing violence and offering counseling for those who are disturbed by Shapiro’s “presence.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “UC Berkeley free speech in spotlight over super-tight security plans.

Ben Shapiro, a conservative speaker headed to UC Berkeley on Thursday evening, hasn’t mocked feminists, as right-wing performer Milo Yiannopoulos has done. He hasn’t boasted of being a “mean-spirited bigot,” as far-right author Ann Coulter has done. And, unlike Steve Bannon, ex-adviser to President Trump, Shapiro doesn’t even like the president.

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Yet the Harvard Law School graduate, author and political commentator has drawn unprecedented security measures at UC Berkeley for his sold-out speech at the campus’ many-windowed Zellerbach Hall, and Berkeley city police have received permission from the City Council to use pepper spray on any violent protesters who show up.


Anti-Shapiro posters have appeared in hallways and on lampposts, while pro-Shapiro posters have disappeared. In one development mocked by the right, the campus has offered counseling to students and employees whose “sense of safety and belonging” becomes compromised by Shapiro’s presence.

Antifa is still claiming the right to commit violence.

“It’s the right of the people to shut down speakers. Exercising disruptive protest is how people often start to pay attention,” said Sunsara Taylor, a co-founder of Refuse Fascism, who is flying out from New York to conduct a “speak-out” against Shapiro at UC Berkeley on Thursday.

Taylor doesn’t see Shapiro as an everyday conservative.

“We are organizing a speak-out against white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia and fascism,” Taylor said. Referencing the theme of Shapiro’s talk, she said, “the problem is not campus thuggery — it’s intellectual fascist thuggery in the service of the Trump-Pence fascist regime.”

I’m not surprised people so delusional need counseling.

Read the whole San Francisco Chronicle story.

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