Ben Carson Talks about Being President and the Real Cost of Healthcare in Florida

The great Javier Manjarres of the Florida focused Shark Tank recently reported on a speech given by Dr. Ben Carson to the Palm Beach Republican club this past Monday.

Dr. Carson’s wheelhouse is, of course, healthcare. He wowed the crowd with a little bit of Medicaid math.


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Our annual budget for Medicaid is $400 Billion… about 80 Million people get Medicaid… now divide 80 million into $400 Billion. It’s about $5000 a piece. As some of you know the annual cost for concierge medicine, at boutique practices is about $2-3000 per year! So the average person on Medicaid, we could put them in a boutique practice and they’d still have money left over for catastrophic healthcare. That’s how inefficient we are! That’s the reason I have been pushing so hard the concept of health savings account.”

Dr. Carson went on to explain why healthcare savings accounts make so much sense and how they could end up saving our nation billions of dollars.

He also talked about why he was running for President and the idea that “wanting” to be President wasn’t really what his campaign was about.

“Do I want to be President?

My preference was a nice peaceful retirement. And that’s why I moved to this neighborhood on a nice golf course on the 17th hole. But honestly my whole life has been dedicated, my professional life, to the welfare of children. And when I look at their future, at the rate that we’re going there is no way that I can sit back and relax.”



Dr. Carson is a good man and our nation would be fortunate to have him leading us into the next decade. The question is, “Does he have the political acumen to win and then get the job done?” I guess we’ll soon find out…


H/T The Shark Tank

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