Ben Carson Says War on Drugs Hurts Families

Housing Secretary Ben Carson departs from the Jeff Sessions’ line and suggests the war on drugs is counterproductive.

Jeff Sessions has advocated for the War on Drugs, including defending asset forfeiture and opposing any marijuana legalization. While Donald Trump has fulfilled the Conservative vision of law and order, the war on drugs is a recent government innovation that does not necessarily meet conservative standards. There’s an ongoing debate about that, involving people like Rand Paul who differs with Jeff Sessions on the issue.

Recently, Housing Secretary Ben Carson seemed to come out on Rand Paul’s side.

Newsweek reports, “Trump Official Slams War on Drugs, Says It Targets ‘Minority Communities.’

Ben Carson slammed the war on drugs last week, saying it “disproportionately affected minority communities” in a break with other Donald Trump administration officials’ stances.

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Speaking at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development said, “The war on poverty sometimes conflicted with the war on drugs, which often dealt harshly with non-violent offenders, taking men away from their families, and disproportionately affecting minority communities.”

Quoting a former president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, Carson added, “There are systems in place, well-meaning as they may be that incentivize people to make choices that ultimately do not strengthen the black family.”

Though Carson does not have the power to change Trump administration drug policy, his comments are a departure from Trump administration talking points, and especially from the perspective of the staunchly anti-drug Attorney General Jeff Sessions […]

Read the entire Newsweek article.

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