Ben Carson Condemns Gay Marriage Push as Effort to “Undermine” our “Christian Foundation”!


Dr. Ben Carson may not be doing well in his efforts to win the GOP race for the presidential nomination, but conservatives have always appreciated his willingness to stand for what he believes in (and by extension, the things that we believe in). In a recent conversation with the brilliant author and philosopher Eric Metaxas, Dr. Carson argued that liberals were attempting to “undermine the principles that made America great, and substitute them with their principles.

Dr. Carson’s primary argument was that the main purpose of the liberal assault on Western Culture and values was to see our nation’s Christian foundation undermined and eventually destroyed.

“We also need to recognize why this is such an important ruling for the advocates of gay marriage. The Bible, in both the Old and New Testament is pretty firm against their way of thinking. But if you can negate that. if you can negate that, then you can negate other portions of the Bible as well. This is the camel’s nose under the tent to undermine the Christian foundation of our nation.”

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When Metaxas presses him, Carson doubled down, arguing that liberals are purposefully attempting to destroy Western Civilization.

“Yes, I believe there are a group of Progressives, individuals who have intentionally been trying to take over our school systems, been trying to take over the media in particular, and various areas where they, through their propaganda, can undermine the principles that made America great, and substitute them with their principles. And they have imposed political correctness so that you can’t even talk about it while they change the fabric of society. That’s what’s happened. That’s why we’ve changed so quickly, and that’s why if we don’t do something about it, which takes courage, we will end up with a very fundamentally changed nation.”

It’s some insightful commentary from an astute mind and a man of character. While Dr. Carson may not be the favorite to win the GOP campaign, he should most certainly be an important part of our party’s (and our nation’s) future.

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