Barney Frank’s “Husband” Caught Taking Drugs and Arguing Liberals should offer Blacks Watermelon for Votes!

We owe a debt of gratitude to the brilliant Ryan Sorba who works with our friend and colleague Matt Barber over at

Last month he released a special undercover investigation where he showed that many homosexuals actually attribute their orientation to molestation or other traumatic experiences. It was while preparing that story for publication that he realized many of the homosexuals he spoke with also appeared to be “closeted” racists as well. This revelation prompted Sorba to undertake a second investigation to see if homosexuals felt that their “struggle” was akin to the civil rights movement of mid-twentieth century.

To his surprise Sorba found that most homosexuals he spoke with did NOT believe that the plight of the modern gay community was on par with the difficulty face by black America during the civil rights movement.

However, most shockingly, Sorba caught the “husband” of former Massachusetts Congressman and liberal Democrat Barney Frank, taking drugs and making racist jokes! In the video Jim Ready (“husband” of Barney Frank) is clearly seen accepting several marijuana joints and heard saying that perhaps Democrats could assure themselves the black vote by offering them menthol cigarettes and watermelon!

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Make sure that you watch the entire video because you’ll hear from other important gay leaders (and liberal Democrat leaders) who are saying equally racially charged remarks.

The entire video is eye-opening and maddening, and it’s well worth your time.


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