Barack Obama’s Failed Ideals



Obama gets angry when he defends his position of helping a lot of Syrian refugees. He says we need to uphold America’s “ideals.”


Who is this former pot smoking, accused denizen of Chicago gay bathhouses, to talk about America’s ideals?  He has done everything to push back our free enterprise structure to the level of a socialist government. He undermines America like a beaver chewing on logs.  He replaces Emersonian self-reliance with Food Stamps.


He says he is not a Muslim but he does everything to protect them instead of Christians.  He favors Muslims over Jews.  He allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons and he gives them back 150 billion dollars.


Obama’s ideals are narcissism squared.  We do not share his ideals.  Our ideals are to get around his road blocks and to earn decent livings and to stay alive while he is aiding and abetting our enemies.


Obama accuses us of being bigots if we don’t open up our borders to Syrians.  If I don’t let a Kung Fu artist who is threatening to kill me into my house does that mean that I am prejudiced against the Chinese?


I am actually prejudiced against Obama.  Not as a black but as a liberal idiot who is destroying America while he is leading the Democrat fools to their own destruction.

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