Barack Obama the “World-Class Demagogue”!

Ouch. I think Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) may have just really hurt President Barack Obama’s feelings. I’m sure it’s no surprise that most Republicans and most conservatives aren’t the biggest fans of Barack Obama – but I wonder if he’ll be shocked to find out that many conservatives actually think he’s a lot like the guy currently leading the GOP presidential field?

Now this might surprise some, but Senator Cruz just said what other conservative commentators have been saying for the last few months. While the media is busy attacking Donald Trump for his “divisive language,” they’ve been (un)surprisingly silent when the same kind of rhetoric comes out of President Obama’s mouth. Well, Ted Cruz is not having the hypocrisy, and on Sunday’s episode of MSNBC’s Meet the Press Cruz told Chuck Todd that Obama and Trump’s are basically the same when it comes to “divisive” rhetoric.

Ted Cruz: You know, Chuck, Barack Obama’s a world-class demagogue. That language there is designed to divide us. No, Mr. President, we’re not angry at that. We’re angry at politicians in Washington, including you, who ignore the men and women who elected you. Who have been presiding over our jobs going overseas for seven years.

Who have been cutting deals that are enriching the rich and powerful, the special interests and the big corporations, while working men and women are seeing their wages stagnating. And he talks about immigrants and Muslims. Mr. President, we’re mad at a president who wants to bring in Syrian refugees who may be infiltrated by ISIS. And you’re unwilling to be commander in chief and keep us safe. So don’t engage in attacking the people, like the president did. I’ll tell you, that language is the kind of self-righteous moralizing from the President that makes people angry.

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Chuck Todd: You think that’s worse than what Donald Trump’s been doing?

Ted Cruz: To be honest, I think it’s very much the same. They’re both engaging in demagoguery. We need instead a president who wakes up every day working for the hardworking taxpayers. If I’m president, Chuck, my focus is going to be the hardworking taxpayers, bringing back jobs and economic growth.
We’re going to do that by repealing Obamacare, by passing a simple flat tax. By abolishing the IRS, by pulling back the regulations that are killing small businesses.

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