Ban Knives? FBI Report Says 3 TIMES More People Stabbed Than Shot With Rifles and Shotguns COMBINED

This is significant, considering anti-gun politicians’ and media pundits’ push to heavily restrict or otherwise ban semi-automatic rifles – firearms affectionately referred to as “military-style assault weapons” or “weapons of war.”

They claim that there’s no real reason anyone should own an “assault weapon.” If these gun owners were honest, they’d admit that the only reason they have them is so they can murder a large number of people in a short amount of time.

Obviously, that isn’t the reality of the situation. It’s just how liberals have to frame the debate in order to sway people to support more gun control. And once they get what they want on “assault weapons,” they’ll move to other firearms like handguns – many of which are semi-automatic just like the scary-looking black rifles they want to ban. Once they ban semi-automatic rifles, they’ll start calling handguns “assault weapons.”

But according to FBI statistics, we shouldn’t be so concerned with these semi-automatic rifles, even if they are scary and black. According to their numbers, three times more people were stabbed to death than were shot and killed by rifles and shotguns combined. Breitbart reported:

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According to the FBI, the number of people killed with rifles and shotguns in 2015 totals approximately 548. Nearly three times that many, approximately 1,573, were stabbed or hacked to death.

These facts are especially interesting when you consider that the Democrats emerged from the Sandy Hook Elementary attack with a plan to ban numerous rifles, politically categorized “assault weapons,” and certain shotguns as well. But these efforts are misplaced, at best, if the FBI’s numbers are to be trusted.

While Democrats are pushing an “assault weapons” ban that covers certain shotguns, more than three times as many Americans were killed via stabbing or hacking than from all types of rifles and shotguns combined. And nearly twice as many Americans were simply beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.” than were shot and killed with rifles of any kind.

If liberals’ goal really was to crack down on the weapons that are used the most to kill people, they wouldn’t care so much at semi-auto rifles. They’d ban knives first. And then they’d ban hands, fists, and feet.



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