Baltimore Mom of the Year – May be Exactly what Baltimore Needs

On Monday Baltimore suffered under the oppression of chaos – chaos delivered mostly by school age teenagers resolved to violence and mayhem. Throughout the day many of us were glued to our TV’s, mortified by what we were seeing play out on the streets of Baltimore. From the start, community leaders railed against the violence and it was clear that the problem in Baltimore was not an outgrowth of community anger and a call for justice, but simply an explosion of violence from people hell bent on madness.

And then there was this – video footage of a well-dressed woman grabbing a rioter, slapping him, pulling at his mask, yelling in his face. The Internet quickly decided that she was his mother and he was in a lot of trouble… which is exactly what it was!


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The woman’s name is Toya Graham and the young man in the mask was indeed her 16-year old son, Michael.

“I could see the objects being thrown at the police and I was like in awe. Like, ‘Oh my God, this is really happening right here with me,. Low and behold, I turn around and I look in this crowd and my son is actually coming across the street.”

It was at that point that Ms. Graham began accosting her son – in front of police, in front of the rioters, in front of the media and in front of the entire nation. She smacked him, hard, three separate times, all while yelling at him to get off the street and follow her home.

He obeyed.



On CNN, Erin Burnett seemed to do a bit of hand–wringing about watching a mother slap her son on the head so hard…



I understand Burnett’s gut reaction to seeing a woman slap her son. I disagree with it, but I understand why she feels that she has to mention in it. Our culture has become so politically correct and anti-corporal punishment that seeing physical discipline play out on camera was probably shocking for most liberals.


Isn’t Toya Graham’s mothering exactly what our nation needs? Look how quickly her son reacts to the chastening of his mother. Imagine had several hundred other mothers and fathers ventured out to bring their children home how quickly the riot on Monday might have ended!

“Is he the perfect boy? No, he’s not. But he’s mine,” Toya Graham told CBS. “I’m just grateful I was able to get him home. I hope that he understands the seriousness what was going on last night.”

The momentary pain and embarrassment that Ms. Graham’s son Michael may have felt is well worth making sure he doesn’t become the next Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, or worse.

On CNN one Baltimore city councilman sought to silence liberal critics of Toya Graham’s parenting tactics.

toya graham“Violent? I mean she’s trying to tell him, ‘If you don’t get off this street, I will drag you home!’ If that’s violence, maybe that’s necessary violence, and a lot of mother’s are reacting that way. And a lot of us grew up with that, so you didn’t make the same mistake twice. But she is doing what she has to do out there on the street to remind her son that he is her son, and she is his mother and she won’t tolerate it. I know for some people they might say, ‘Oh my G-d, she hit him!’ Yeah, she hit him! Because she’s trying to make him understand that she loves him and she doesn’t want him out there!”

 That last lines hearkens back to a time when people realized that disciplining unruly children didn’t mean that parents didn’t love their kids, but just the opposite. It was proof that they did love their kids.

Commissioner Anthony Batts of the Baltimore City Police Department reiterated what the city councilman had said earlier. “You had one mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents that took charge of their kids out there tonight.”

Love your children, dear reader, teach them right from wrong, and don’t let liberal culture shame you into giving up the most important job you’ll ever have… raising your children.

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