Baltimore Discovers Asking Thugs for a Ceasefire Doesn’t Work

A ceasefire is negotiated between enemy armies, not requested of a criminal population.

The Baltimore government and police signed off on a ceasefire campaign. I suppose they didn’t think it could hurt.

But asking people to not commit homicides, or to stop trying to commit homicides, communicates to criminals or would-be criminals that it is up to them. Law enforcement’s job is not to beg and plead with people to not commit crimes but to find and deliver to punishment those who do.

On August 4, NBC News reported, “Baltimore Activists Pursue City-Wide Ceasefire With ‘Nobody Kill Anybody’ Weekend.

Erricka Bridgeford was 12 when she first saw a man die because he found himself at the wrong end of a bullet on Baltimore’s streets.

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More than 30 years later, she’s pursuing a city-wide 72-hour ceasefire that began midnight Thursday to end a recent wave of violence that’s taken hold of her community.

Although it has less than a tenth of New York City’s population, Baltimore has suffered 48 more homicides in 2017, according to police statistics.

The Maryland city’s murder rate is also on the rise, 20 percent higher compared to the same period last year.

Bridgeford said she decided to pursue the ceasefire after her young son alerted her to the uptick. She’s no stranger to the violence; her stepson and brother were both murdered.

“We didn’t come up with anything that was brand new but we just had to make a decision that we could at least try,” Bridgeford told NBC News.

Hoping to prove that peace is possible, Bridgeford and other activists patrolled the streets of Baltimore and approached people with flyers in hand. She asked them to commit to the “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend, requesting that they not exacerbate the violent trend in their neighborhoods.

But ceasefires are negotiated between hostile armies for mutual benefit. Why would an unorganized group of people agree to stop killing unless they thought it was in their best interests to do so?

They wouldn’t.

Thus, NBC reported yesterday, “Baltimore Weekend Cease-Fire Marred By 2 Killings.

Liberals need to rethink their ideas about how to enforce the law.

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