‘Bad Hombre’ Trump Won Third Debate Soundly, UNTIL…

The last general election debate ended the way the first primary debate began with a question about Donald Trump accepting the outcome. As he did in that first primary debate, Trump refused to make a commitment. It is the public’s reaction to Trump’s refusal that will determine who won the third debate and possibly the election. Not because his refusal was so bad (although there will be independents who will find it a major turn-off) but because he gave an already hostile press the opportunity to ignore the good answers he gave last night. Before that answer Trump had won the third debate, afterwards the question of who won the debate is up in the air.

The one clear winner was moderator Chris Wallace, he asked both sides pointed questions, did not attempt to fact check and allowed the candidates to confront each other.  Unlike the first two presidential debates, Chris Wallace was a moderator rather than a participant.

Trump started off great, looking presidential,  giving clear policy answers, pointing out Clinton’s failures as a senator and secretary of state, the growing scandals regarding her campaign, and her flip flops as a candidate.

The discussion started with…

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