Babylon Bee Founder Speaks Out against Facebook-Google Duopoly

Adam Ford became an internet content creator founding and then the Babylon Bee. He has sold the Babylon Bee and the reason, he says, is that -Google duopoly on internet content.

He has sold the satirical Babylon Bee because he doesn’t want to be subject to an anti-Christian monopoly.

Adam Ford became an internet content creator founding and then the Babylon Bee. He has sold the Babylon Bee and the reason, he says, is that Facebook-Google duopoly on internet content.

He wrote about them at The American Conservative under the headline, “When the Content Police Came for the Babylon Bee.

The first hint I got that something troubling was afoot was in November 2015, the first time Facebook pulled something I made off of their platform. I’m just a Bible-believing Christian saying normal Christian things, and this comic I posted was no different. It merely explained, in four panels, that it is not “homophobia” to say “I believe homosexuality is sinful because the Bible says it is.” There was clearly nothing malevolent about the image. It was illustrating a view held by millions in this country. But Facebook felt otherwise. They removed my comic, logged me off of their service on all of my devices, and informed me that in order to get back into my account, I’d have to read and agree to their “community standards.”

What choice did I have? This was less than a year after I had quit my job of nine years, with three small children at home, to create content full-time. We were struggling to get by. The majority of my traffic came through Facebook. And they said “agree or goodbye.”

If that incident was enraging because it displayed “community standards” that outlawed the expression of Christianity, the next incident was enraging because it was achingly stupid. The Babylon Bee featured a satire (because it is a satire site) claiming that CNN had purchased industrial-capacity washers to “spin” news. Snopes treated it as a straight news story and accused The Babylon Bee of publishing falsehoods. Snopes is an authority with Facebook (as well as Google) so the Babylon was threatened with demonetization and the loss of a presence on the platform.

Fortunately, Ford let people know what was going on and there was viral pushback. Facebook backed down.

I was relieved—we had won. My worries about being starved by Facebook or having Google pull my AdSense account because of Snopes dissipated. But then I became extremely disturbed, because it was glaringly obvious that the whole system was corrupt and we’d fed straight into it. What if we were a bit smaller and had lacked the clout to make a big stink on Twitter? What if the right people hadn’t shared my screenshots and multiple news outlets hadn’t picked up the story and ran with it? I’ll tell you what: they would have stuck by their guns, Snopes would have hit us again in short order, and Facebook would have put our page in a rear naked choke until we went to sleep. Google uses Snopes too, so maybe they would’ve ousted us from their search results and their monopolistic ad platform.

Facebook and Google may still be useful, but they are adherents of a totalitaran cult. Facebook and Google think that Christianity should not be defended or promoted online. Additionally, they are against anything being offered that is more than “center right” in political thought, if even that. That’s their deeply held (and increasingly practiced) belief. That’s their goal. If they tell you otherwise, they’re telling a “noble” lie.

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