Awesome! Pompeo Scolds CNN Hack Jim Acosta For “Ludicrous” Question

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scolded CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for asking a “ludicrous” question about Cabinet members allegedly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment against President Donald Trump.

U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are a couple of the smartest people in President Trump’s administration. They make Acosta look like an ignoramus just by showing up.

Jim Acosta’s antics are beyond tiresome.


U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clashed with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Monday during a U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York.

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Both of the top-cabinet officials said that questions of invoking the 25th Amendment against President Donald Trump are “absurd” and “ludicrous” and chided Acosta for broaching the subject.

“I said yesterday on the Sunday shows that, literally, I have never once been in the White House where that conversation has happened,” Haley said. “I’m not aware of any cabinet members that are even talking about that. It is completely and totally absurd. No one is questioning the president at all. If anything, we’re trying to keep up the pace with him.”

Pompeo also knocked Acosta for mistakenly asserting that Haley was the only official on the stage who had been in the Trump administration since its inception. More


Mr. Pompeo added that he also had never heard any such discussion within the administration about invoking the 25th Amendment, which allows for a president to be removed by his own Cabinet under extraordinary circumstances.

“I find the question ludicrous,” Mr. Pompeo said. “I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, whisper about it, joke about it in any way. I’ve been in a lot of meetings with a lot of senior officials from this government.”

He also chided Mr. Acosta for claiming Mrs. Haley was the “only person” at the press conference that had been in the Trump administration “since the beginning.”

“Fact check: I’ve been with the administration since the beginning, too,” Mr. Pompeo said. “That’s relevant. But I’ll add — no discussion with me about the 25th Amendment anywhere, either — so you can now report that two senior leaders have said that your question was ludicrous.” More

They are reporting on an unsubstantiated report there is no fact to it. Just like how the unsubstantiated reports for the FISA warrants were used. Publish it with no evidence an then it becomes truth to most people.

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