Awesome – Democrat Leader Says Obama Never Works

I think you know what we think of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The woman is blight on our nation’s political landscape, and she exemplifies everything that is wrong with our political system.

That any group of educated Americans would elect her to represent them strikes fear in my very core… but I’m not here to talk about the crazed leader of the DNC. I am here to share with you what she recently said about our dear cough, cough” President, Barack Obama.

Are you ready? Enjoy…

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“… by voting for the first time in American history to sue the President of the United States for doing his job.

And doing his job actually, less often and at a rate that is lower than any President since Grover Cleveland…”

lazyHahahahahahahaha… Oh, boy.

Hang on. Gimme a second.

(Wiping tears of laughter from his face.)

I’m just going to watch that one more time…

Oh, I love it.

I think what dear old Debbie is trying to express is that President Obama is being sued for using the Executive Order “less often” than any President since Grover Cleveland. Thankfully for all of us… that’s not what she actually said. Some days, Democrats bring me a lot of joy.

Hey Debbie. While using the Executive Order is a problem (George W. Bush used them way too often as well), the main issue isn’t that he is using them, or how often he is using them…

The Problem is what President Obama is using his Executive Orders to do. Which is why he keeps getting slapped around by the Supreme Court (even the liberals on the Court).

Tell the President to do his job: (simply) ENFORCE our existing laws… and stop trying to change/create law by edict. He is not a king. He is an elected representative of the people. He should start acting like it.

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