Australian Terrorist and 7 Year-Old Son Pose with Severed Head in Iraq

Australia’s most wanted terrorist, Khaled Sharrouf, is in Syria where he is teaching his son the merits of being a murderous butcher.

Sharrouf is a former drug addict who has actually found a way to be even less productive for society sober than he ever was as a junkie!

Now he’s clean and sober and showing his little boy how to murder infidels – ain’t Islam great?


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terror kid

It is believed that the monster fled Australia to fight in Syria back in December and he now routinely mocks his fellow Australians on social media.

In one of the tweets he posed with his son in identical camouflaged combat fatigues, carrying guns. In another he said: “The more u hate this path you infidel aussie dogs the happier feel dieinrage when you cant affect men lie about women.” There are concerns that he is mentally ill and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The former Sydney resident also claimed there would be “Inshaallah soon in Aus” – which means “God willing or if Allah wills”, a sign he wishes to bring jihad to Australia.

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