Atheists Don’t Give to Charity – Why Help the Weak?

There’s a new study out that says atheists don’t donate as much money to charities as religious people do. Of course, the title of this article is overly broad, and nearly every atheist would deny its premise, but there is nothing inherent in the worldview of atheism to support the claim that altruism (helping people) can be substantiated empirically. There is nothing in our DNA that says “Thou shalt” or “thou shalt not.”

New Atheist Richard Dawkins has a problem on his hands since he believes that “human super niceness is a perversion of Darwinism because, in a wild population, it would be removed by natural selection. . . . From a rational choice point of view, or from a Darwinian point of view, human super niceness is just plain dumb.”

The operating presuppositions of the atheistic evolutionary worldview cannot objectively and empirically account for a required morality. In fact, a case could be made that helping people who can’t make it on their own is contra-Darwinian.

So it’s rather inconsistent for an atheist to donate to an organization to keep the infirm alive. They will only taint the gene pool.

Atheists don’t seem to have trouble donating to organizations like the American Atheists and The Freedom From Religion Foundation to support anti-Christian billboards and legal actions against school boards and city councils.

There is logic to atheists who use their money on unproductive anti-Christian campaigns instead of helping their evolved fellows.
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