Atheism has NO Answer for Evil – Not Even Terrorism

Denouncing all religions, as atheists do, only elevates its own version of faith over all other belief systems. What is its ethic? Why should anybody follow anything an atheist has to say? By what standard? Whose atheist version of law?

Atheists have denounced religion as the source of all evil in the world. This is nonsense. The 20th century was the bloodiest on record, and it was dominated by atheist regimes.

Atheists are starting to feel the pressure of answering questions about the foundation of morality, so they create campaigns claiming that anybody can be good without God, all the time not mentioning that the goodness they claim to be doing is borrowed from theism:

“A number of atheist organizations have joined together to release a series of billboards throughout the Gulf Coast this week, presenting messages that tell people that they are not alone if they don’t believe in God, and that people can be good ‘without a god.’”

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It’s not that atheists don’t do good things. They do, but only in a world where there is a universal standard of what it means to be good. How do atheists determine goodness and badness from the chemical composition of the brain? Why should the chemical reaction in one atheist’s brain be told what to do by the chemical reaction in another person’s brain?

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